Do you want to know the answer for your questions related to the production of packaging? The most frequently asked questions and their answers can be found at this section. If you couldn't finding an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

What is the division of corrugated cardboard ?

Corrugated cardboard is divided according to the structure (composition of layers)

  • three-layer (one-wave) - cardboard/wool/cardboard
  • five-layer (double-wave) - cardboard/wool/cardboard/wool/cardboard
  • seven-layer (triple-wave) - cardboard/wool/cardboard/wool/cardboard/wool/cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is created from the cover layer at the top, corrugated layer inside and cover layer at the bottom.
Individual types are further divided by different qualities of the individual layers of cardboard according to DIN norm.

How do I recognize and choose type of the packaging construction?

We are preparing a FEFCO catalogue for you on our website, where you will find all the basic types of structures. These types are identified by numeral codes, which always consist of four digits and start with zero. The second number specifies the type of construction (e.g.. 2 - boxes with flaps) and the other number specify the type further.

What's FEFCO?

FEFCO is the European organization of manufacturers of corrugated cardboard, which created and published a catalogue of packaging constructions.

How do I measure the box?

To determine the size of a standard box, such as classic boxes with flaps, it is necessary to follow few rules:

  • dimensions are given in millimetres
  • measure the internal dimensions of the box
  • dimensions are entered in the order - length (L) x breadth (B) x height (H)

Will you suggest packaging solution exactly for my product?

Yes, our company has a modern development centre, where the packaging designers deal with custom packaging development. More about the development of packaging can be found here.

Can I get a sample of the new packaging before placing an order?

Certainly, part of the development process is also the possibility to test a sample of the new packaging by the customer before we start the production.

Can I be visited by your sales representative?

Of course, we have a team of experienced professionals who can visit you, discuss your requirements with you and recommend packaging that will best meet your requirements. The visit can be ordered here.

When can I expect a response to my inquiry?

After receiving an inquiry someone from our sales representatives will contact you by phone or e-mail, if it is necessary for clarifying of your requirements.
After sending all the information, the quote is processed within 24-48 hours, depending on the number of packaging demanded, their type and dimensions including complexity of the demand.
You can create and send your inquiry for the required packaging directly from our inquiry form.

Does the number of ordered packages affect the cost?

We work on the principle of custom manufacturing; therefore, it is not a problem for us to produce even small series of packaging. Even in this case, however, the higher the quantity ordered, the lower the price for one is. This is so because the price of the input material is better in larger quantities, production costs per one piece are also lower within larger amount.
You can send the requirement for the calculation of the desired packaging directly from our inquiry form.

How long does the production of corrugated cardboard packaging take?

Delivery time depends on the design of packaging, printing complexity, amount and other factors.
Standard preparation and production of new packaging of corrugated cardboard does not exceed 14 days, the production of classic boxes with flaps usually takes less time.
You can create and send your inquiry for the required package directly from our inquiry form.

What is a printing block?

This is a printing form made of a polymer necessary for printing on packaging. Printing block is clamped directly into the production equipment and can be used repeatedly.
Price of printing block depends on the number of printed colours and its overall size.

What is a cutting tool?

It is a tool that is required for the production of die-cuts, or to produce cut-out parts of your packaging. Cutting tool is clamped directly into the production equipment and can be used repeatedly.

Do I have to pick up packages by myself, or can you arrange transport?

It depends on your choice. Our company has its own fleet of vehicles and a network of logistics centres throughout the Czech Republic, goods could be imported directly to the specified address. In case of transport requirement this will be reflected in the price.

What does the delivery just-in-time mean?

It is the delivery of goods to the appointed place at the appointed time. We are able to provide this kind of supply thanks to continuous operation of our expedition site, a network of logistics centres and our own fleet of vehicles.
Map of our network of logistics centres can be found here.

What does LDPE mean?

LDPE is low density polyethylene. Foils made from LDPE are transparent; produced as slip or non-slip in thickness from 25 to 200 microns (.025 to 0.200 mm). Heat deforming is possible. Heat resistance is -50 to +85 ° C, exposure to higher temperatures leads to a significant reduction of physical properties. They have high chemical resistance at normal as well as high temperatures and good electrical insulating properties. LDPE foil is used either directly for packaging goods, or as default material for production of various packaging (carrier bags, bags, sacks, ...)

What does HDPE mean?

HDPE is high density polyethylene, also referred to as Microthene. It is a thin foil produced at a thickness from 8 to 40 microns, it has a duller surface compared to foils made from LDPE, it is stiffer, abler to crease with characteristic rustling. Resistant to temperatures ranging from -40 to +110 ° C, can be used both for the packaging of deeply frozen foods and their heating. HDPE foil is used either directly for packaging goods, or as default material for the manufacturing of various packaging for consumer and food industry (carrier bags, bags and blanks for food or waste sack).

What does MDPE mean?

MDPE is medium density polyethylene, which has dimmer surface compared to LDPE foils, is stiffer, stronger and abler to crease according to the amount of added HDPE. Transparent foils have in contrast to limpid LDPE significant milkiness. MDPE foil is increasingly desired material primarily for the production of promotional bags; it is suitable wherever conventional LDPE foils are too soft and pure HDPE foil cannot be used, or vice versa.